Student or Imposter?

by Lee Griffiths

The start of college was nearly ruined for some art students at a West Yorkshire College when a student, or was she, sneaked into the first day of drawing class causing havoc.

The rest of the class noticed the "funny looking girl on her own in the corner of the room" straight away. Describing her one of the students said "She was a skin head, with a circle of short, orange hair, each strand had a pony tail attached." According to our informant, the woman, 30 something, wore a bra, baggy trousers and a leopard skin waistcoat. Sporting plenty of earrings, "she kinda looked like a typical new age traveller" and was "hard looking"

The trouble started during lunchtime, the students had disappeared to eat, still preoccupied with the classroom "alien" but she'd stayed behind hiding. On their return they found their work damaged, torn or marked and drawn over. The suspect student started to insult their work, commenting scathingly, "Art is not black and white, it's about colour!"
When the tutor arrived he asked what group she belonged to and on her replying, his, had said, "Well, I don't know you from Adam" but the imposter student ready for him, said "You're not an artist, you're an artist drop out".
Quickly the situation escalated. At a mature student getting involved she responded with foul language, upset by this, he'd tried to move her out of the room, she, screaming and shouting, claimed he'd bruised her. To threats of calling the college principal she just carried on protesting, sitting on the art room floor.
When the principal was called and asked her to leave, she refused, claiming, "I'm an artist and free to paint". Eventually security was called they carried her out to the waiting police. It seemed the suspect student had identified with one of the other students, who had a similar appearance to her but even he was upset and shocked when she claimed the work was very abstract, whilst holding her arms around him. Our informant thought, "She must know something about art by the way she spoke!. She picked up work and talked about it in an aggrieved manner, she obviously had a point to make for some reason".
They haven't found out who this young woman was, she wasn't in the college records. The principal, embarrassed, apologised for the disruption, insisting such activities had never occurred in college history. In the same way that the day before he'd assured them they had no trouble at the college, rather it was a place where students were expected to work hard in a comfortable and safe environment. Then the students had high expectations, college was an investment for them in more ways than one but even been issued with security swipe cards couldn't prevent disruption. Due to increasing demands that students pay for studying, are some challenging the system by attempting to get into lessons and lectures for free? What are Universities and colleges doing about this? Is security increasing and what does this security imply?
No official comment has been given, the issues hidden. Here though we see that, disruption and protest can affect the minds of others. Whether this was a targeted protest or a random act, the impostor student had cracked the security system.