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A Different 
A Different

A Celebration of the Conception all Disabled People
Particularly Those Who Are Absent

The disabled artist, Myther White, will throw a party each year to celebrate
her conception and that of all disabled people.
Significant social, intellectual and political figures will be invited

of those sent a celebratory not-invite card telling them about
this event plus those invited to it (but are any significant enough?)
Nominate the people you choose not to invite,
give us a brief description for the envelope (see our list for examples)
and we might post them one of our not-invites Email to: cd@outside-centre.com

The Only Invite
So Far Sent

Brief development process

Conceiving Difference
is commissioned for Small Acts at the Millennium -
a nationwide series of actions and events by 14 British artists
funded by The Millennium Commission and The Arts Council of England

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