Words to the sequence Choices, a 30's school room in cubed desert - Some Choices Are No Choices?

he didn't say,
he didn't say much,
he told my mother.
he took after his mother but
he was a lad, he couldn't.
his best friend,
his pal,
his mate,
all lads together,
wearing tea towels
to look like Arabs for a photo,
fooling around,
having a game,
all mates together.
it was all a long while ago.
you're a long while dead.
they were nowt but lads.
poor little sheep who've gone astray.
they lost their lives.
little sheep who've lost their way.
men of action,
action men.
did someone lose them their lives?
the man was lost in action.
nowt but a boy.
given nowt but a broom,
soldiers with make-believe toys, no weapons.
have you seen the weapons they call toys?
oh boys have always played at fighting,
played cowboys and Indians,
used sticks, bows and arrows,
space raiders, invaders,
replica guns, replica missiles,
head blown off.
long while dead.
oh well boys will be boys.
in shops, boys toys in dull camouflage colours.
did he wear a soldier's cap?
did the helmet hold when they blew his head off,
like a pot of lobby his mother made?
oh well boys will be boys.
lads will be..
you're a long time dead.

Choices Continued

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