From A Disabled Person

I struggle for your rights and try to redress the discrimination you live with. I try, I attempt, however do you boycott theatres and cinemas where we are not allowed? Do you protest our segregation in lecture halls and theatres and leave if this policy is not to be changed? Or do you have jobs where you exercise power and control over us?

Do you consider, on your language, in your hearts, the dilemma I am faced with, recognising a woman's right to choose over her body yet knowing this means your right not to want a Disabled child, Disabled as I am, as the child I was? However you don't mind jobs teaching that child, social servicing, managing and doctoring Disabled People. Taking employment from us, who have the real experience in these areas.

Do you find out how many Disabled People are accepted on the courses you're doing at college? Do you fight for our access to these courses or do you do research projects on our lives and consider careers where you dominate us and continue protecting your interests by projecting a false view of our incapacity?

Do you not attend a meeting if it's in an inaccessible building but demonstrate against the disability apartheid? Do you write demanding our presence, as equals, in the media? Do you protest our portrayal as permanently passive, helpless and grateful, or is your way a betrayal of us?

Do you reject our exploitation and never take roles determining our lives?

I started this with, fighting for 'your' rights rather than 'ours'
for to you
I am not woman or man, I have no gender definition
I am not black or white, I have no colour
I am not gay or straight, I have no sexuality
for who I am is to you invisible, by this you disable me

I am glad to be who I am
I hate the way you disable me


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