The IDA is interested in the following areas:
(If you decide to follow up any of the ideas, please feel free to employ your imagination at its full capacity.)

Research information about places/ attitudes

How often are you patronised during an average week?

How many jobs have been denied you because of disability discrimination?

How many where your skills are under used?

How many, which are equal to the paid employment of non-disabled
people, where you are under paid or not paid at all (voluntary).
Count where your advice as been sought but not paid for?

How often have you been asked for information, without payment,
which aids a non-disabled persons education/career?

How would you improve government agencies?

What inefficiency have you found in officials?

Draft example of a form for required qualifications -

(7) Medical Student/ Practitioner Application Forms
(We use the following to assess depth of awareness and extent of experience)

Have you experienced difficulty with any of the following? Give details:

(1a) Access to education, all levels?
(2a) Access to public transport?
(3a) Access to housing?
(4a) Access within your home?
(5a) Access to communications?
(6a) Access to recreation and entertainment facilities?

(1b) What was the first important disabling physical barrier you can recall?
(2b) What was the first disabling attitudinal barrier you can recall?

(1c) How many disabled teachers were there at the schools you attended?
(2c) How many disabled students attended your school?
(3c) How many were in your class?
(4c) How many disabled students were/are there at medical school?
(5c) How many disabled lectures were/are there at medical school?

(1d) Did you have any employment whilst at school/college?
(2d) Was there ever any occasion when employment was not offered to you because you were non-disabled?
(3d) Was there ever any occasion when employment was not offered to you because you were disabled?

(1e) Have you experienced any minor discomforts, i.e. constipation, colds, toothache?
(2e) Have you experienced any substantial, prolonged pain? Give details.

(1f) Self assessment:
On a scale of 1 to 0 where would you place your level of awareness?

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