Writing as open-ended. Socrates, Plato spoke against, distrusted written language
(Though without Plato's writing, the words of Socrates and his own words would be unknown)

With the computer-word processor writing can be un-fixed, malleable, changed, open ended.
Even the print-outs can be changed on each printing, nothing is finalised. No original.

Written conversation can take place with communication networks. Multiple creations. Adding views/criticisms of writings as one reads. This has potential of altering not only the way we write but our psychology - if writing and printing can be said to have changed how we think and are from that of living in an oral tradition.
Dependent on the accessibility of such technology - or will it be just another divide? And will such developments be allowed when the government legislates for such a rigid educational policy?
Not only people within a country will be divided by this but countries will also develop differently.

I've written this yet I will print it out in this general form... But I do alter things - it could encourage a never settling on any form - no closure even for printing purposes. However, my tradition has been to have a final version, with an ending and content which stay as they are. I don't know how much of this I could let go of and allow flexibility. So again there is duality - altering but for perfection, including in itself therefore a 'perfect,' an existing in an 'ideal' sphere already, close system, a blueprint ideology which I do not support - a least don't in theory.

I would like to explore it creatively through seeking what would develop. This connects with my earlier idea about collaging paragraphs, giving different contexts by placing in different sections of the same writing or adding to a different piece of writing. But how? Is the idea enticing but illusory? Can anyone decide to do this or does it just need to happen? In the end will the changes which come be unforetold? These ideas and experimentations just novelties, like certain experimentation with form tends to be or does it, isn't it, sometimes developed for more commercial purposes?

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