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From Serious Games catalogue:- NetEscape

Asked to comment writers of the trails, Pat Wycher, Bicameral Blaine, Mav Blincow and Mfnamic, said, "We leave the trails to tell their own story about who we are, if you want to know more, email us - there are computers and people to assist, we're all waiting."

The 3 trails of NetEscape had different identities, Mav's, Pat& Bicameral's and Mfanamic's. The trails were floor circles printed with images and questions; 3ft in diameter..
The 'Random Requisitions' give you these quests and more.

The trails were set out between hanging net curtains. These had drawings and pockets where answers and messages could be left. Internet connected computers and a website enabled anyone to join in.

NetEscape was one of the installation for Serious Games, which was a co-commission from the Laing Gallery, Newcastle and the Barbican, London in 1996 & 7. It was curated by Beryl Graham.


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From Serious Games catalogue:- NetEscape

In NetEscape the Internet spills into the room. Moving past images on nets, following the quests on linked trails, leaving answers, reading messages from people nearby and distant, we share imaginations. Send your ideas into the world by email, leave in pockets on net-hangings for the next person who enters to read.
Bodies of Difference
A Different Body Experiences
A Different Universe

Ann Whitehurst